Who is the Competition for?

The competition is open to all Isle of Wight resident amateur photographers.

16 year old or under must have the permission from their parents or guardian to enter the competition.




Competition Theme

Theme: #Captureyourpride


The judges will be looking for "photos with impact" on any subject that you as a photographer identify with the theme.


• FEE: FREE! All dontations welcome via our JustGiving page

•There is a maximum number of one image per entrant per theme that must have been taken within one year prior to the closing date of the competition.

• The copyright of all images including individual images making-up a composite image must belong to the photographer.

• Images may be colour, monochrome, manipulated or a combination of all three. Images may not contain text (i.e. photographer’s name or image title).

• If an entrant wishes to change previously uploaded entries this may be done by requesting a change in writing via email to

• Images that have previously won any other competition will not be accepted.



Closing Date: 2nd August @ Time: 1700


The shortlisted entrants will have their work printed and framed for a special exhibition at Dimbola Museum and Galleries in Freshwater, launching in September 2017, where all entries will also be displayed digitally.


The prize winners will be announced at a special celebration event at Dimbola

Email Entries to:

Isle of Wight Pride are calling all budding photographers on the Island to take part in an exciting new competition.


Capture Your Pride invites local, amateur photographers to take a photo of anything you like! Pictures capturing Pride on the Island are especially welcome.


Then simply tag us on Instagram/Facebook or Twitter using the Hashtag #Captureyourpride


You can also email us at


The top prize in this competition will be a pair of Bestival weekend Camping Tickets!!!


No entry fee though all donations towards Pride are gratefully received.



Competition Proudly Sponsored by

Wight Bride Photography
Dimbola Museum & Galleries

Are you thinking of entering? here are some top tips from Jon at Wight Bride Photography


Top tips:


These are very simple and basic tips to help you get started when thinking about your competition entry.


1. Have fun. Whatever you decide to capture, have fun doing it and if possible show that within the image. It is too easy to become stressed when capturing an image for a competition, and to over-think it. Fun and natural is often best.


2. Be imaginative. The subject matter lends itself to a broad spectrum of ideas and possibilities. We are looking for entries where the photographer has thought about the subject and been creative with it.


3. Consider the light, especially if capturing outside. Light will fall differently on objects depending on the angle of the light, the time of day and even the weather conditions. Don't assume that a sunny day will give the best image, it will depend on what you are capturing.


4. Fill the frame. Make the most of the space within the image and avoid having unnecessary clutter. Zooming in can help achieve this and don't be afraid of losing some detail. For instance if capturing a close up of somebody's head, you don't have to capture the whole head. You could lose the top of the hair and the bottom of the chin and have a far more interesting and appealing image.


5. Colour or not? Play with colour options to see what works best for your image. Sometimes an image lends itself to being colour, others to being black and white, or for something different try sepia or chrome effects. Editing software can help, but most digital cameras will have colour option settings that can be applied when you take the photo.


6. Make sure you enter. Don't look at your image and think it's not technically brilliant, or that the subject could be better. This competition is about creativity and thought, more than technical ability, thus giving everybody an equal chance of success.


So there you have it, all you need to do now is get out there and get snapping. We look forward to seeing your entries.


Good Luck!


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